Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hi bloggers :D
I've just come home from Liverpool having been to see the Sea Odyssey and can I say, it was fantastic!!!
If you've not been yet, then you need get down there tomorrow!
The mood all around was so warm and friendly even in the spots that were very busy ;o)

Now down to what I've been up to.....
Wanting to make my own grunge overlays in CAP (CraftArtist Professional), I came up with a repeat pattern of circles and diamonds...put them in my stencils and brushed through with a grunge brush (Dried Lake)...If anybody would like to use them, I've put the patterns on page 2 (just stick 'em in your stencils)...I'm probs trying to teach grandma to suck eggs :lol: but I was delighted to have worked it out! :D...I'm afraid I can't list the kits used as they're too numerous but they're all DaisyTrail/Serif...And I'm sorry I can't save as a digi kit for you as that is something I've not yet mastered (as I've done something seriously wrong with the settings) :o( ...Thanks for looking ;o)

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Jackie said...

Brilliant Di, you really are getting to grips with CAP.
See you next Sunday whoohooo :o)
Jackie xx