Sunday, 1 March 2009

Grace's sticker book

Happy Sunday to you all :o) My Grandaughter wanted some acetate for housing her sticker collection [she and her school friends do sticker swapping]...She was using a normal notebook and got frustrated when the stickers wouldn't come away from the paper cleanly LOL

Here's the bound wad of acetate sheets I made for her a few weeks back...I did the LO digitaly in PSE using digital images prior to printing [is that cheating?] and the gems added after


linda.cobbity said...
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Jackie said...

Brilliant idea Di and how can it be cheating, you created it whether digitally or not :o)
Jackie xx

dizzy di said...

I managed to remove your post Linda -[because you had your e-mail addy on it] as we discussed...Thanks for the comments :o)

Viv said...

Who cares if it's cheating, (which it isn't by the way) 'coz it's stunning!
Luv Vivxxx